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Mattei Dogan Foundation Prize

Nomination Procedure


Nominations open: 1 December 2021
Nominations close: 5 April 2022

Submitting a nomination

To nominate, please email a formal nomination letter from the Head of Department or person in an equivalent position (including Official Representatives of ECPR institutions, though membership is not required) of a professional association, university or research centre to 

Two or three Political Sociologists may also jointly nominate a candidate.

Nominations must include:  (as separate PDF files)

  • The formal nomination letter (Document 1)
  • Letters of recommendation from scholars who need not necessarily be ECPR members. (Document 1)
  • A biography and bibliography of the nominee (Document 2)
  • Evidence of the visibility of the nominee in the literature (Document 2)

The prize is awarded exclusively on scientific and academic criteria, at the exclusion of any ascriptive characteristic.


  • All scholars residing in European countries are eligible, regardless of ECPR Membership.
  • Cohesive teams of several researchers are eligible for this award and are considered alongside individual nominations. At least half of the team must meet all eligibility criteria.
  • Candidates should be less than 75 years old on 1 January of the year of the prize, because it is presumed that at this stage in their careers, the eminent scholars have already seen their merits recognised and recompensed.  In exceptional cases, the ECPR Executive Committee may forgo this requirement.
  • The age condition is not applicable to the former members of the ECPR Executive Committee, or those co-nominated with them.


Self-nominations are not accepted.

Members of the ECPR Executive Committee, ECPR Director, or Editors of any ECPR books, journals or blog are not eligible for this prize.

  • Members of the Executive Committee and the Director become eligible after three buffer years, and editors after one.

Prize Jury

The jury for the 2022 prize comprises the following:

  • Gianluca Passarelli Sapienza University of Rome, EC Member (Chair)
  • Vincent Hofmann-Martinot President of the Mattei Dogan Foundation
  • Charlotte Galpin University of Birmingham
  • Donatella della Porta Scuola Normale Superiore
  • Monika Eigmüller Europa-Universität Flensburg


The winner will be announced in summer of 2022.

Questions? Email